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Shanghai, China


1.     Work with circuit designers to build physical design floor-plan;

2.     Complete the physical layout design with the constraints of circuit design requirements;

3.     Verify the physical layout design to meet both circuit design requirements and process requirements;

4.     Use the advanced technologies to improve layout design quality and efficiency.


1.     College degree (or above) in Electrical Engineering or other related engineering field;

2.     At least 2 years experience in layout design field with rich tapeout experience;

3.     Good understanding of basic electronic principles dealing with circuit and layout design;

4.     Familiar with IC layout methodologies, flows and CAD tools such as Cadence virtuoso layout, Caliber physical verification;

5.     Prefer experienced in PLL and IO design

6.     Patient, A good team player, Good communication skills;

7.     Can communicate with both written and spoken English.

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