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DIOO announces single and dual low-power RRIO Amplifier for battery-powered equipment.

Author:Frank Zhou  Time:505次  Date:2011-02-11

Dioo Microcircuits today announced the availability of DIO2051 and DIO2052, Single/Dual Low Power Amplifier. The DIO2051 and DIO2052 are single and dual channel rail to rail CMOS operational amplifiers with ultra-low offset (<1mV) being able to operate as low as 1.8V. Features include wide input common-mode voltage range and broad output voltage swing operating under 1.8V to 5.5 V supply voltage. DIO2051/2052 also offers 8KV HBM and 2KV CDM ESD protection. Power consumption of DIO2051/2052 is as low as 20uA per channel, which varies very little as Vcc supply changes. All those features make DIO2051/DIO2052 service portable applications very well.

DIO2051/2052 is suitable for portable medical Instrument, smoke detector and other battery-powered equipment.

About DIOO

Dioo Microcircuits is a fabless semiconductor design and manufacturing company. The company specializes in high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions, serving the consumer electronics, medical and industrial markets. Dioo's leading edge products include USB 2.0 interface products, ultra-low power and low noise amplifiers, high efficiency power management IC, LED lighting IC, and various application specific analog audio/video products. With our solid system knowledge and rich mixed-signal design expertise, Dioo's commitment is to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal solutions that add value to our end customer designs.

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