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Congratulations to Dioo Microcircuits as the most potential of China's IC design companies.

Author:Frank Zhou  Time:608次  Date:2011-07-01

Recently, 2011 China IC Design House and the “original China” contest has been holding, and after a round competition, Dioo Microcircuits, which locates in Nantong Science and Technology Park, has stood out from nearly 500 mainland IC design companies, and successfully nominated for one of the ten most potential of China’s IC design companies.

DIOO Microcircuits is strong in scientific research, has a wealth of design and development and sales experience. It settled in Nantong Science and Technology Park in 2009, and with the support of the community, DIOO dedicated to the science development and production, then got great achievements. All these not only encourage all DIOOS, but also increase the confidence of Nantong Science and Technology Park supporting the internal enterprises. Nantong Science and Technology Park will maintain the “sincerely service and pursuing the excellence”, mission to “build a platform for the innovation and enterprise, serve the area economic development”, have the goal to “gather high quality talented person, promote the transformation, and strive for the fist-class science and technology incubator”. The community also provide the internal company excellent service, and hope to bring up more and more excellent companies and entrepreneurs.

As we know, the Electronic Engineering holds the “original China” contest in order to recognize the best companies which have the position of leading the IC design in the mainland China, demonstrate the superior level of design capabilities and technical support, and own greatly developing potential. The Electronic Engineering will select ten companies from nearly 500 IC design enterprises. It will comprehensively evaluate the companies’ research and design capabilities, operation management status, product sales, marketing performance and customer supporting etc.

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