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DIOO Microcircuits released DIO5611/DIO5612 800mA Low-Dropout High-Power LED Driver

Author:Frank Zhou  Time:546次  Date:2011-03-18

Dioo Microcircuits announces the DIO5611/DIO5612, low-Dropout, high precision, high power LED drivers. The DIO5611/DIO5612 current regulator operates from a 2.7V to 6V input voltage range and delivers a constant current that is up to 1.2A to high-brightness LEDs, including high-brightness white LED. An on-chip pass element minimizes external components while providing ±8% output current accuracy. Additional features include over temperature protection, LED short and open protection.

DIO5611/DIO5612 is suitable for flash light and lighting applications.

About DIOO

Dioo Microcircuits is a fables semiconductor design and manufacturing company. The company specializes in high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions, serving the consumer electronics, medical and industrial markets. Dioo's leading-edge products include USB switch, high performance analog switch, high performance operational amplifiers, LED driver, and various other high performance analog solutions.

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